Game Of Thrones is up against The Crown, The Handmaid’s Tale, Stranger Things, and This Is Us for Best Television Drama at the Golden Globes this week. The category looked almost the same last year with one exception – Westworld was in there instead of The Handmaid’s Tale. And The Crown ended up winning. I’m not sure about GOT’s chances. This is their only nomination. Typically a show’s chances are stronger if they’re supported with nominations in the acting categories. And I wonder if everyone’s just waiting for season 8, the series finale, which is probably when Game Of Thrones will dominate everything. 

Speaking of season 8, they started production in October and it’s expected to continue until late spring or early summer. Which means, when you factor in post, it would be aggressive if they could premiere the season in 2018. There’s been no official confirmation either way from HBO but most seem to think it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see any new episodes until 2019. Which means we are at least a year away. Probably over a year away. Another year-plus before we find out what happens when Jon Snow finds out that he’s just f-cked his aunt and whether or not he and she will dragon-ride their way to victory against the Night King and the army of the dead, although, again, I still don’t give a sh-t about the zombie business and would much rather spend more time on Tyrion and whether or not his jealousy will consume him enough for him to go running back to his sister, a much more compelling Big Bad of the Seven Kingdoms than the Night King could ever be. 

Anyway, here’s Emilia Clarke, still Daenerys platinum, arriving in LA yesterday ahead of the Globes. Remember, this is a work week for a lot of people. You work at the parties, you line up your next moves. And everyone at Game Of Thrones right now will be thinking about their next moves now that, starting this summer, their annual schedules are looking a lot more open. Interestingly, for Emilia, she’s in the Han Solo movie coming out in May. This is the Star Wars spinoff that, um, no one seems excited about because... well… it’s been a mess with all kinds of personnel drama and rumours about bad acting. Still, there’s no way they’re not going to try to save it as much as they can with a big marketing push.