HBO finally confirmed yesterday that Game Of Thrones season 8, the final season of the series, will premiere in 2019. Which is what most people suspected anyway, given that they just started production on the new episodes in October and are not expected to finish shooting until this summer, so they’re only validating what everyone was already prepared for. Still, 2019 is either a year away or almost two years away. Because HBO hasn’t yet revealed when in 2019 the six supersize episodes will air, probably because they’re still looking at 6 months of shooting and several more months in post. Typically though, with the exception of this past season, Game Of Thrones is on near the end of April. And I would imagine that that would be the goal: to finish the story in the spring of 2019, meet the Emmy nominations deadline for 2019, be the major conversation in television through the summer, and then sweep at the Emmys in September 2019.  

If it’s April 2019, that’s still 15 months. I mean, on the one hand, take all the time you need, don’t rush it, just make it awesome and please kill Jorah Mormont after Daenerys tells him he’s a perv and she would never, ever, ever, in no f-cking world, f-ck off. On the other hand, my big anxiety over Game Of Thrones – and the future, really – is … my GOD that’s a long time, who will I be in April 2019?!? 

This reminds me of a thing I read about a few weeks ago. Samsung introduced a feature called UnSpoil Me – did you hear about this? Apparently it’s just a little hypnosis thing that helps Eternal Sunshine any shows or movies you’ve watched so that you can watch them again and feel like it’s the first time. I don’t know if it works and I’m too afraid to click on anything about it because I don’t want to be hypnotised, even though, like all cocky assholes, I walk around insisting I’m not a suggestible person (when in fact I’m probably actually highly suggestible) but… would you do this? At first I was like, f-ck no, get out of my head, TV! But then I thought about Harry Potter and how much I loved reading Harry Potter and how jealous I am whenever I meet someone who’s just starting to read Harry Potter. What would it be like to read Harry Potter again for the first time?!? Worth it? Or still too dangerous? Probably still too dangerous.

Here’s Emilia Clarke at the W Magazine pre-Golden Globes party last night in LA. She and Kit Harington have been confirmed as presenters on Sunday. You think he’ll show up with Rose Leslie? He and Rose are getting married… soon? A couple of months ago, Kit joked on Jonathan Ross that he’d asked Game Of Thrones producers to shut down production for his wedding because he needed the entire cast and crew there since he and Rose met while working on the show. He complains about his hair so much I’m thinking the wedding will happen as soon as he can cut off that Jon Snow style though, right?