Do you know what happened ten years ago next Saturday? The very first episode of Game of Thrones premiered on HBO. I remember reading a feature story on the series in Entertainment Weekly, having known nothing about the books, and deciding to watch based on that but also wondering if I’d actually get into it since there were so many early comparisons to Lord of the Rings and LOTR is not my jam. This, I know, is a minority opinion but everything about that universe is f-cking boring to me. So it was a relief then that after watching “Winter is Coming”, there was nothing about Westeros to me that was anything at all like the Hobbit Land. 


Anyway, to commemorate the anniversary of GoT, HBO Max is doing a “Marathrone”, a month-long celebration of what they’re calling The Iron Anniversary. Per Deadline: 

“Starting Monday, HBO Max users will see a Game of Thrones Spotlight Page, which will bring them to episode curations for casual fans or those new to the series or spoiler-laden curations featuring easter eggs for die hard fans. The Spotlight Page will also include more than 150 behind-the-scenes videos and extras, cast interviews, clips and trailers.”

So if you’re into it, if you want to relive it, if you want to go back to the Seven Kingdoms, this might be the week to do it. I wonder if the cast members will be commemorating? Or if they’ve long moved on?

Here’s Emilia Clarke out for a walk in London over Easter weekend with an unidentified man that some are saying might be her new boyfriend putting an end to the rumours from a few months ago that she was dating Matt Smith. I guess? Sure, they’re walking arm in arm but men and women do this all the time without any romance involved. I mean, it’s possible, of course, but still probably too early to say, right?