Here are some new shots of Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr out for dinner in New York this weekend. Can’t tell exactly because of low light but it looks like they may have been coordinating in brown? 


As we now know, Emilio was engaged just before he and Katie started dating and reportedly broke up with his fiancée Rachel Emmons pretty much the day before photos of him and Katie kissing were released. According to Page Six his ma, Lourdes, is NOT impressed with a source saying that: 

“[Lourdes] thinks she brought him up better than that,” said an insider. “She didn’t like how [Emilio] handled this at all.” 

I appreciate that, if this is true, she’s criticising her son and not Katie. In my personal experience – and this is just MY personal experience, I’m not saying this is 100% across the board – sometimes mothers of sons aren’t exactly …objective when it comes to their sons. If you’ve ever dated a son with this specific kind of mother, you know exactly what I mean. She’s almost part of the relationship. One of my favourite stories to tell, because it’s the perfect example of this, is about the time I got broken up with… by the guy’s the mother. Anyway if Emilio’s mother is disappointed in Emilio, it probably means she’s not that kind of mother of a son? 

Another source, however, is trying to make it seem like what Emilio did to his ex wasn’t that bad – because their relationship wasn’t working. Well, clearly. Oh and besides, the source reveals, Rachel wasn’t really Emilio’s type as “he likes older women”. 


This source is seems pretty shady though. Not shady as in sketchy but shady as in shade-throwing. Check out this quote – it comes out of nowhere. One minute we’re talking about whether or not Emilio did his ex-fiancée dirty (he did) and that she was too young for him anyway and the next… we’re talking about Katie and Emilio’s intellectual capacity:

“The insider said that an indie director who once auditioned Holmes told them, “Talking to her is like talking to somebody who works at Dairy Queen.” The source added that Little Emilio doesn’t have the most sophisticated interests either, “So it could work out. They’re not, like, discussing books, or art or anything.”

Are these people related/connected by any chance to Justin Theroux’s “arty, edgy” circle? When Justin and Jennifer Aniston broke up, people in his circle were also leaking to Page Six about how she was too boring for a renaissance artist like him. And now some other New York snob is out here talking about Katie and Emilio aren’t speaking to each other in Kafka and David Foster Wallace. You think they say the same thing about Leonardo DiCaprio who exclusively dates 20-year-olds even though he’s 25 years from when he was 20? What kind of Dairy Queen conversations is he having? I really hope Katie doesn’t read this and feels pressure to start quoting, I dunno, Faulkner on Instagram. Like, she doesn’t have to go full “WAP”, but nobody needs to be proving their brain cred here just because some New York culture elitist thinks their conversations are shallow.