The Outfit of the Week posts are usually on the LifeStyle page. The reason it’s being featured here is that there’s more to say about Emily Blunt, particularly right now, and also about John Krasinski. But let’s start with the fashion…because THIS DRESS. 

I sent it to Danielle Graham, the host of etalk, and my partner at the Oscars every year. Danielle and I do not have the same style. She likes her sh-t tight, tits out, lots of skin, and/or extra girly – strapless dresses with fitted waists and big ball skirts. I would never wear her clothes. She is allergic to mine, the bagginess, the draping, the high collars, the manrepellerness of it all. This dress, however, is the perfect marriage between us. We would both wear this dress. It’s a dress that unites the people!

Look at it. It’s breathtaking. 

For me, it’s the colour and the sleeves. I would give up some cleavage, and show the waist, in exchange for these sleeves because, weirdly, I don’t know how, the sleeves feel like they could give you some cover, you know? Like that’s the balance – skin, skin, skin in the centre, but then you’re enveloped from the sides. The fall of the skirt is beautiful too. I think it’s the best dress she’s ever worn, and it’s not like Emily Blunt hasn’t worn some f-cking dresses. 

She may be wearing more spectacular dresses in the weeks to come. Mary Poppins Returns is a musical. It will be nominated, for sure, in the Comedy/Musical category at the Golden Globes and she’ll be in the Best Actress Comedy/Musical race. Her chances for an Oscar nomination are rising too, as her performance is being very warmly received. What’s interesting is that while her best chance is with Mary Poppins, The Quiet Place is still in the running for a possible Best Picture nomination. Like Get Out last year, even though The Quiet Place was a February release, it’s still in the conversation now – not in as strong of a position as Get Out, but some people think it does have a shot at being one of the (up to) ten Best Picture nominees. Which is why John has been out there doing some press, talking up Emily, definitely helping her campaign, and keeping The Quiet Place in contention. You know who else might be on side with that? 

Matt Damon. He and Luciana showed up to the Mary Poppins Returns premiere last night too. They’re all very close. And Emily and Blake Lively are close. I wonder if we’ll see Blake and Ryan Reynolds doing some work here. Ryan’s been supporting Hugh Jackman but that doesn’t actually conflict with Emily or John and The Quiet Place. Oscar season is when Hollywood friendships are on display.