I read this story about Elon Musk doing something something with a microchip that you can put in your brain and my first thought was to agree with Kristian at Dlisted here about why there’s not more focus in helping people with brain diseases and my second thought was… is this the Matrix? Like one day, will they be able to put a chip behind my ear and suddenly I’ll be able to fly a helicopter? Will monkeys one day be flying helicopters? (Dlisted) 

I am 50% in on this outfit. I LOVE the actual suit. Or pyjamas. I am so disappointed, though, that they decided to belt it on Emily Deschanel. That’s probably my own sh-t though; I hate belts. But also… these are some janky ass shoes. Not the most imaginative shoe choice or colour here. It didn’t have to be red. It could have been white. It should have been white. And it should have been much funkier, less feminine. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on the TIME list of Most Influential People on the Internet. That’s not surprising. House Sussex’s Instagram account has been a smash hit. And House Sussex is talked about incessantly on social media. The person I’m most excited to see here though is Yashar Ali. He is definitely a presence on the Twitter – and, in my opinion, an asset to the platform. (Cele|bitchy) 

I haven’t had a chance to watch Avril Lavigne’s new video until now. She fell in love with the devil. If this was a Taylor Swift song we’d be obsessing about who the devil is. At one point here, Avril’s lying in a coffin. This does give me a little bit “Look What You Made You Do” vibes. But, seriously, would you pose in a coffin? I couldn’t do it. I’m too superstitious. (OMG Blog) 

El Chapo was sentenced today. Do you think Sean Penn will get the first in-prison interview? (TMZ)