Earlier today I posted about Chris Evans and earlier this week he posted about his dog, Dodger, who is very popular. Dodger was part of Chris’s thirst trap backflip video a few weeks ago. Dodger is now lying on top of a shirtless Chris in a double thirst trap. Chris Evans knows how to calm our anxiety. (Cele|bitchy) 

Meet MacKenzie, a little dog with a big heart, the Most Heroic Dog in America. She is heroic because she’s been through her own struggles and from those experiences is in turn providing care and showing empathy to other “baby rescue animals born with birth defects”. Can you even?! I can’t. Because I live with two dogs who yell at almost anything. A woman with a grocery bag gets yelled at. A lawn with new shrubbery will get yelled at. A kid with crutches for sure gets yelled at. When we encounter a three-legged dog, my two f-cking assholes go apesh-t. How can I get them to be more like MacKenzie? (Dlisted) 


Emily Ratajkowski is pregnant and has written a thoughtful piece about her experience so far for Vogue. She also stepped out as the news was confirmed in a very Emrata outfit, serving pregnancy style the way you totally expect her to. I love the slouch of these boots. I don’t want to be wearing heeled boots any time soon but I do love a slouchy boot. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I’m getting scared. Because I’ve seen so much cute content out there on the internet today, now I’m suspicious some nasty sh-t is on the way. Look at this couple being adorable with their inside joke, whatever it is. Doesn’t matter if we don’t get it, they get it, and that’s all that matters. I would rather watch their choreography than whatever it was that Leonardo DiCaprio thought he was doing dancing that time at Coachella. (Pajiba) 

Oh for f-ck’s sake, I think I’m being tormented by Instant Pots. Yesterday in this space I asked whether or not I need an Instant Pot and wow, the responses. So many of you are passionate about your Instant Pots and think I should get one. My Instant Pot preoccupation even made it into the next episode of Show Your Work, posting tomorrow. And now Eater is giving us a list of best Instant Pot recipes. Does the universe really want me to get an Instant Pot? Why can’t it be this in-your-face when I’m contemplating a new jogger set? (Eater)