Every day it’s a fashion show starring Emily Ratajkowski – she is papped a lot, probably because the photographers squat outside her place in New York and get shots of her coming and going on a daily basis. The pictures must sell because otherwise, they wouldn’t be there so much. 


What sells, usually, unless she’s dating someone, and it’s been a minute since she was linked with a Pete Davidson or a Harry Styles, is the visual. EmRata is a model, it’s her job to showcase the fits, and while most of her clothes aren’t to my specific taste, today’s installment of the EmRata closet caught my attention. It’s the denim shorts. 

These are pure 90s, just like so much in fashion right now. Bermuda shorts but make it jeans. Or, if you prefer, cut sort of like a pair of basketball shorts, but make it jeans. In my circles, back in the 90s, this was the preferred shorts of skater girls. And now, 30 years later, they’ve become part of the fashion girl’s wardrobe. Which I’m not mad at because if nothing else, they’re so comfortable. And they work with any shoe – sneakers, sandals, oxfords, combats. A thigh high with a sequin crop top and you can roll up to the club too. 


Seems like every brand right now has a version and at all price points. Gap has it in multiple washes. The Joe’s Jeans version is on sale right now. Good American is on it too and here are your standard Levi’s

Or you can do what I did – find a pair of loose and relaxed men’s jeans and cut them yourself.