I have read this several times and, maybe it’s because I’m fried right now but I still have no idea what Tyra Banks’s Modelland is. So it’s not a fashion runway theme park? Is it a modelling school? Is it a photo studio? Like basically a glamourised glamour studio? F-ck it, I don’t care. I’m going anyway. You know why? Even though it’s not clear what, exactly, Modelland is, for sure for sure for sure there will be good lighting. They will light the sh-t out of that place and so we’re going. For the photos. (Dlisted) 

If you’re wondering why Eminem performed at the Oscars and how it came together and how they kept it a secret, he’s giving interviews about it. Which… wouldn’t it be way cooler if he just let the moment be what it was and not explain? That’s what Beyoncé would have done. (Cele|bitchy) 

Laura Dern’s Oscar dress wasn’t my favourite. Maybe I would have liked it more if she’d done something different with her hair? A few weeks ago, when I wrote that she never wears her hair up, I didn’t mean that she should change it up the way she changed it up for the Oscars. Anyway, while her Oscar dress wasn’t it, her Spirit Awards was all of everything, holy sh-t this is GREAT. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Did you see #broomchallenge trending on social media last night? I really, really got into it because I was at LAX when it was happening and, well, you need self-care at LAX, you really do. And it totally helped. I didn’t care whether or not it was true. The internet made it so much fun. (Pajiba) 

This article is a little old but I only saw it last night, also when I was at LAX, and it too made the LAX experience bearable. Do you know what colour your name is? Isn’t it so great that your name might have a colour? I now want to start dressing in the colours of my name. (Elemental)