Did you see Emma Roberts at the Critics’ Choice Awards? I’m not mad that she’s trying to do something different with her hair. I would rather different than what Angelina Jolie did with her hair last night. But I could not remember what it is, or who it was, that the hair reminded me of. And, of course Michael K gets it exactly, perfectly right. (Dlisted) 

It’s Friday! Fridays are usually when I decide to do a panda check and lose three hours of my life. A couple of weeks ago, I stayed up watching pandas online until 2am. If I’d seen this panda movie trailer earlier in the day, my productivity would have been f-cked. It has been forever or even never since I’ve seen a movie in IMAX. I’m going to see the panda movie in IMAX. I will probably see it as many times as I’ve seen The Last Jedi…which is a LOT. (Pajiba) 
Holy sh-t it’s a panda bonanza today! Another panda video….and this panda video features a panda stiff-arm! And some face slaps. That big one might be watching a little too much reality TV. Pandas fall on their asses so much and I’ve seen them fall on their asses so much and I’m still always surprised that they don’t bust their asses. (Mashable) 

Kiernan Shipka is back! Have you heard? She’s going to be Sabrina. Which is why, after going quiet for a while, she’s back on the circuit. And her fashion is back on the circuit. And while the Fug Girls aren’t into this outfit, I only have love for it. I love that it’s meant to be over the top. I love that it’s obnoxiously meant to look like a bakery. I love those pants. And these might be the best silver heels of the season, even though they're platforms. See what she can do? (Go Fug Yourself) 
Now it’s all coming together. Diane Kruger has been giving interviews lately about breaking up with Joshua Jackson and commenting obliquely about her relationship with Norman Reedus. It was a rollout for award season and the carpets as she continues to push for In The Fade. And she and Norman just walked their first red carpet together last night at the Critics' Choice Awards. Whenever I look at him I smell stale spilled beer. (Cele|bitchy)

Zendaya is having some problems with her clothing line and their shipping times. Have you ever shopped Daya by Zendaya? I bought a few items back in 2016 and I actually wore a shirt from one of her first collections today. You can see it here. It’s a staple in my closet, along with a tuxedo romper I wear often. The price point is excellent. So does this mean she’s shutting down the company? Or just finding a new distribution company? (Teen Vogue)