Almost all the lead actresses in contention in the best actress race were in attendance at the Critics Choice Awards last night. Almost. Sandra Hüller who was at the Globes last week skipped the Critics and Annette Bening, fresh off her SAG nomination, wasn’t there. 


But the two frontrunners, Emma Stone and Lily Gladstone, showed up, as did Carey Mulligan, Greta Lee, and Margot Robbie. Because, remember, Oscar voting closes tomorrow – so this whole weekend has been about campaigning. Do they really care about the Critics Choice Awards? Probably not that much. What they care about, however, are the headlines and the momentum and the impression they’re making in front of Oscar voters. If the television stars were kinda low-key about Critics Choice last night, the stars repping films still had to bring it because their season doesn’t end with the Emmys, they still have multiple major award shows coming up. 


In the end of the Critics chose Emma Stone for her performance in Poor Things and this really is the first award show where she and Lily went head-to-head, as they were nominated and won in different categories at the Golden Globes. It was an opportunity for Emma to test-drive her speech and she started by acknowledging her fellow nominees, all of whom were shown on camera sending love right back to her. 


She ended the speech on charm, describing how playing Bella Baxter changed her, how she’s trying to unlearn shame and the need for outside validation, while ironically accepting an award from the critics. Fast forward to the end to see how she cheekily turned that paradox around: 

Older Oscar voters will eat that sh-t up. Emma, then, at this point, has a slight edge on Lily. It’ll be interesting to see which way the SAGs and the BAFTAs break next month. 

As for the fashion – Emma’s in custom Louis Vuitton, one shoulder, finely pleated, with pleated puffs running accenting the neckline. A serviceable look for this particular occasion but certainly not the kind of original showstopper she’s capable of. And it’s by design. Those looks are coming, though, no doubt. They’re slowly building her fashion crescendo all the way to the big show. 


Carey Mulligan also went with black last night, styled by Andrew Mukamal who we of course know because of Margot Robbie. Most of the focus of Andrew’s work, understandably, is for Barbie but we should also acknowledge how he’s elevated Carey’s game too. And it’s not like Carey was ever dull on a red carpet in the past, but during this award season in particular, it seems like he’s encouraged her to embrace her inner bombshell while keeping to her personal preferences: mostly black dresses, but he's encouraged her to dial up the sexy… and she is working it! This Armani Privé is stunning on her. 


Lily on the other hand opted for colour – a blue custom Christian Siriano with the most spectacular chandelier earrings Apsaalooké (Crow tribe) artist Elias Jade Not Afraid. We don’t know if Lily will win the Oscar, but she WILL win the accessories prize this season because every single piece has been exquisite. 

And finally, our girl crush Greta Lee. The Critics Choice Awards could very well be one of Greta’s last stops. She was not nominated for a SAG which really hurt her chances for an Oscar nomination. However, if she is nominated for a BAFTA she could be right back in it. The BAFTA nominations will be announced this coming Thursday. And did you see her look at the BAFTA Tea Party this weekend? 


Greta is wearing Loewe, as usual. A white shirt dress with a gold chain that looks like it’s a handbag but is also functioning as a shoulder strap that hitches and layers the garment. So f-cking good – straight up a slay, as the kids would say. And again last night at Critics Choice because this is a look that you can only appreciate if you earn it. Loewe again, but menswear. And it might seem from afar like just a shirt and well-tailored pants but up close the detailing is all crystal – 150,000 swarovskis placed by hand: 

This is a f-cking serve! She is the coolest, she is the baddest… and if she’s not nominated for an Oscar, it’s not only Past Lives being overlooked, we’ll also be deprived of this STYLE!