Duana and I talk about this every year when we recap the Oscars: what goes into a winner’s outfit. When you’re a frontrunner, when you’ve won everything leading up to the Oscars, like the Globes, and the Critics’ Choice, and the SAGs, the Oscar outfit itself is rarely a risk. Emma Stone has given us some really, really great award show red carpet moments. But at the Oscars the year she won, “safe” was the word to describe her dress.


And it’s the same for almost everyone who’s destined to win – because, of course, it’s more than just that one night; you’re an Oscar winner forever, as soon as you win one, that’s what they call you, that’s how they introduce you, “please welcome, Oscar winner, XXX”. 

Emma is probably going to be to be nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar this year. She’s already nominated for a Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice, and two SAGs. She is not expected to win. So it’s a no-pressure year. She gets the prestige of the nominations, of being involved in a contending film, of having that on her increasingly impressive resumé, but she doesn’t have to carry the burden of being in that spotlight. Easy breezy. In other words, the season will be a lot more fun for her. Which means, at least I hope, that the fashion will be more fun. We saw signs of it last night in Palm Springs. 

Emma was there to present to her co-star in The Favourite, Olivia Colman. She wore Louis Vuitton, as she’s the brand’s ambassador. It’s the most exciting LV we’ve seen on her maybe since the start of her partnership. This jumpsuit is fire. I love the print. I love the different colours on the top and the bottom. The pointed sweetheart neckline, like Vivienne Westwood-lite. The hairstyle choice is perfect. The makeup is perfect. This is classic Emma Stone style, what we’ve become used to, at least pre-Oscar and, well, probably pre-LV. Maybe this is a sign of a return to that standard. I can’t wait to see her on Sunday.