Well… I mean everyone after Rihanna. Who’s on that list? 

As you’re reading this, they’re all getting ready for the Met Gala tonight. Makeup and hair is happening. First arrivals should be around 6pm. Who do you expect to bring it? 

Solange, definitely. After Rihanna, it’s Solange who never disappoints. How about… Emma Stone? 

I’m always here for Emma Stone but I’m not sure if this is Emma Stone’s event. Emma will undoubtedly be repping Louis Vuitton. Emma keeps it interesting at the Golden Globes and sometimes the Oscars. But I don’t know if she ever takes it fully theatrical the way we want it at the Met Gala. Remember, at the Met Gala it’s the most fun when it’s something that leaves you gasping for air – either in a positive way or a negative way. You want the outrageous, you want it to be a MOMENT. Here’s Emma kicking it pretty low key arriving at her hotel this afternoon to prepare. 

You know who does have the potential to go “full diva” though, per Tony Stark (Avengers, first movie), at the Met Gala? Ruth Negga. Check out Ruth, also casual, out and about today. These pants are already giving me life and they’re just for lounging. 

And then there’s Katy Perry who almost never makes my “best” list but has been known to make a “worst” list and, on this night, I’m not mad at that. Worst is better than boring. I’m expecting boring from someone like Kate Bosworth. Or Blake Lively. Or Diane Kruger these days. I am not expecting boring from Katy Perry. It might be offensive (there could be a LOT of offsides tonight) but it definitely won’t be boring. 

One more notable that I’ll definitely be waiting for: Tracee Ellis Ross, seen here in all white yesterday. Tracee was one of my very, very favourites last year. I have high hopes.