Emma Stone was the defending champ. Last year she won Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy for La La Land. This year, she lost to Saoirse Ronan and presented with Shirley MacLaine. I had to Google both of those things. I forgot which category she was in and I really had no idea who she presented with. The show was a few hours ago. That’s a bad sign, right? Or is it kinda nice that Emma Stone can go relatively unnoticed even when she’s there, front and center? 

She’s not like her friend Jennifer Lawrence. When JLaw is anywhere, everyone notices. She’s tripping down staircases and hamming it up so hard you can’t look away. Emma Stone can turn it on but she also can turn it down. 

She opted for a safe, relatively boring off-the-shoulder dress. Before you get mad at me for calling her dress boring, please refer back to today’s intro. We can still talk about fashion. Other actresses were respectful of the theme while also taking some risks. It turns out the place where Emma decided to make a bold statement was with her beauty. Emma’s makeup artist Rachel Goodwin told PEOPLE that she was inspired by the colours of the suffragette movement. 

ELLE UK is calling the look a “feminist message.” Is it really an effective statement if no one would know you were making it without an in-depth explanation? Maybe I’m being an asshole but this one feels like a bit of a stretch.