Emma Stone was at the London Film Festival last night for the premiere of Killing Of A Sacred Deer. The connection here? She was already in town for Battle Of The Sexes. And also? Killing Of A Sacred Deer is directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. And she’s in his next film, The Favourite, scheduled for release next year. It’s about competition in the royal court. Emma and Rachel go head-to-head for the privilege of being the favourite, not of the King…but of the Queen.

At the Battle Of The Sexes premiere a few days ago, Emma showed up wearing Louis Vuitton. At the same, it was announced that she’s LV’s new brand ambassador:


I am truly happy #emmastone is joining #louisvuitton today as a new ambassador 💙

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The deal is supposedly worth as much as $10 million. And it has everything to do with Nicolas Ghesquiere. Nicolas has worked with Kristen Stewart (during Balenciaga). He brought Jennifer Connelly over from Balenciaga to Louis Vuitton. Michelle Williams also reps LV, and of course Alicia Vikander too. I love Ghesquiere for LV. I am still obsessed with last year’s combat boots. Which are everywhere in fast fashion right now. Emma Stone and LV under Nicolas Ghesquire make total sense to me. There’s edge to it. It won’t just be strapless gowns and lace and sheer. What this also does for Emma, of course, is that it may allow her more creative freedom. This is why fashion is business in Hollywood. This is why it’s not just frivolity. For actors, one of the most immediate and basic benefits is that a deal like this allows them to be more selective about their work. For actresses especially, being selective can mean control.

Emma was not wearing Louis Vuitton last night though. This black jumpsuit, this AMAZING black jumpsuit, is Givenchy. It might be the best jumpsuit of the year. And, naturally, she’s wearing the sh-t out of it. What encouraging about seeing her in Givenchy less than a week after the confirmation of her partnership with LV though is that she seems to have more choice, so far at least. The way it usually works with these relationships is that you are strongly encouraged to wear the brand you represent all the time, as much as possible. We’ve seen this, for example, with Jennifer Lawrence and Dior. Charlize Theron also reps Dior. And Charlize almost always wears Dior to the big, big, big events, like the Oscars. Emma would also likely be expected to wear LV to the Oscars. Charlize, however, goes to other labels a lot when it’s not the Oscars, much more than Jennifer Lawrence, seemingly. As much as I’m into LV, I do hope Emma is able to follow that model. She works with one of the best stylists in the business, Petra Flannery. And we’ve seen what they’ve come up with without limits.