I feel like I should like this dress on Emma Stone more than I do. I love pleats. I love an interesting shoulder and neckline. I love Emma Stone’s style. But for some reason, this is falling flat. Maybe it’s because the colours aren’t popping like I want them to. And maybe it’s the makeup? I know this is the “right” palette to go with this outfit but the overall effect, I dunno, ends up looking like she’s one colour from head to toe. It has the effect of turning a look that’s supposed to be iridescent into a neutral. 

Emma’s shown us several different looks this week as she promotes Netflix’s Maniac, premiering today. My favourite is this one: 


These dark wash high-waist culotte jeans look amazing on her with a pyjama-style blouse tucked in and great pair of shoes. I’ve been experimenting with different cuts of jeans lately. The cut of these on her is kinda 70s mom. Which happens to be my current jam. The two versions I like best are what we’re seeing on Emma and a slightly longer and tapered version that bells ever so slightly right at the ankle, also with a high waist. Try it. They’re so f-cking comfortable.