Emma Stone showed up at the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic which wasn’t all that well attended this year but Emma isn’t the kind of celebrity who shows up for just anything so it was definitely a get for the event organisers, although I am wondering if she was kinda obligated to go, like because of a brand partnership. Her outfit is perfect for the occasion. (Go Fug Yourself)


 There are a lot of people, women in particular, and especially in the entertainment industry, who don’t disclose their true age – because of course we’ve seen what the industry has done to women as they age. I work in television and I don’t hide how old I am but I understand why some women aren’t comfortable. That said, I do like Remy Ma’s idea here about skipping years, maybe not prison but definitely COVID. Because that’s a time loss that we all experienced! Can we just not count those years, LOL. (Dlisted)

More reporting is coming out about Kim Cattrall’s return to the Sex and the City universe and how HBO pretty much met her demands, in addition to giving her the bank. One of those demands, by the way, is that she wouldn’t have to see Sarah Jessica Parker or Michael Patrick King which was pretty obvious since the scene she filmed is a phone call. Kim got what she wanted, worked how she wanted to work, and got PAID. (Cele|bitchy) 

Oh look, it’s a new week and there’s new information about how sh-tty Elon Musk is at business. (Pajiba) 

Sarah mentioned this piece in The Atlantic earlier today about the mess at CNN and its CEO Chris Licht. This is GREAT media inside baseball – thoroughly reported, fair and objective, and also gossipy. Everyone in media circles is talking about this right now. So it’s a long read but definitely worth your time. (The Atlantic)