It was reported three weeks ago that Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet had broken up.  They unfollowed each other on Instagram and, as we know, as silly as it seems, that’s a real thing now. Instagram following and unfollowing is a better indicator of good gossip than Radar Online and In Touch/Star Magazine/US Weekly. Young love, however, is unpredictable. Hookups don’t last. Breakups don’t last either. 

Emma and Chord are back together. Pop Sugar has the photos and, well, there’s nothing maybe about them. It’s pretty clear, from the kissing, that this is on again. 

These shots were taken in LA. They’re taking selfies, they’re posing, they look like they’re having a great time. They’re also exclusive pap photos, just like the pap photos from back in March when it first came out that they were together. And, like last time, these are good quality pictures too. Not taken from a helicopter overhead, not from blocks and blocks away, and if there was anyone else around, walking around, they’ve been easily and conveniently framed out of the images. Which, again, is bizarre because Emma’s not known to be the one who sets up paparazzi shoots. Should we assume then that these were intended to send a message, the message being that they’ve unpaused their relationship? If that is indeed the case…why does Emma even care about us knowing in the first place? That’s never been her game.