No, we don’t need any more fighting in this world. BUT. What if it’s, like, nature fighting. Sort of? Like animal kingdom? This is a video of a rat fighting a cat. That is not a euphemism for Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’s dance-off where JT is the rat and Britney’s the cat. First of all, this rat is too good for JT. This rat was trained by martial artists and this cat… I dunno… is kinda chill. I feel like the cat may have just been trying to flirt? There are so many possible storylines! (Dlisted) 


As I’ve been saying over the last few days, effective allyship is not perfect because, well, there was no template for it. We’re trying, hopefully together, to figure it out. The key word is “trying”. And we’re going to f-ck up and we’re going to get called out. The way to respond is to not be like Armie Hammer but to listen and process and try again, but better. Emma Watson’s early attempt at allyship didn’t work. People told her. She says she’s paying attention. (Cele|bitchy) 

I’m bringing more joy into your life here – or, rather, the FUG Girls are bringing more joy into our lives when we need it. In the form of Angela Bassett on red carpets. Exactly. She’s as regal as ever. Her looks are flawless. She is… eternal. (Go Fug Yourself) 

There is so much great artwork by Black artists out there that deserves our attention. Here’s a selection and as Kristy Puchko says, credit and don’t steal. (Pajiba) 

The NBA is readying to resume play at the end of July. A lot of planning and logistics has to happen before then. Dan Devine breaks it down. (The Ringer)