Just when you thought Miranda Lambert was taking the Mess Crown this week, the Kardashian-Jenners and all their side players showed up to remind you that they know trash storylines better than anyone else. And you know what? Respect. No sarcasm. Somehow they continue to come to old new-old narratives and, this might be their greatest skill, they really use their bench players well. (Dlisted) 

This really IS a great suit on Emma Watson. You know what brings the whole look down for me though? The shoes. There are so many better options. Oxfords would have been a great option. A closed toe pump, even. Right? Why these ones?! (Go Fug Yourself) 

I love this dress on Marisa Tomei, mainly because of the print although the whole thing, the entire look, is so very borderline Cavalli it kind of scares me. Especially with the cutouts. You know what makes it UN-Cavalli though? The shoulders. And the long sleeves in general. If this were a Cavalli it would be a halter dress and I would hate it. (Cele|bitchy) 

Why has it never occurred to me before that Courteney Cox looks like Lori Petty or vice versa? It’s these bangs that brought out the realisation. Did I not see Scream 3? Because I don’t remember this hairstyle on Courteney at all. (OMG Blog) 

Ariana Grande managed to endure two hours with Piers Morgan. I’ve no doubt she held her own. I also will not be surprised if, in a couple of years, she meets someone and decides to get married and doesn’t respond to any of Piers’s messages, he’ll write column after column about her in the Daily Mail basically calling her an ungrateful c-nt. (The Cut) 

I don’t think I’ve worn anything Hilfiger in a long time but Zendaya’s telling me to reconsider and, well, those merlot boots she’s wearing underneath the leather skirt might get me to reconsider for sure. (Teen Vogue)