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Oh I love this debate. I feel like it comes up at least once a year. Should you keep an engagement ring if you don’t end up getting married? Technically no, since it’s a conditional gift. It comes with a yes or no question. You only get the ring if you say “yes”. What if you say “yes” though and the person who asked the question also keeps saying “yes”, but to body parts that belong to other people? Tricky. Please weigh in. (Dlisted) 

I have been eating McDonald’s fries all my life. Clearly I am not as junk/fast-food sophisticated as I thought I was because I don’t think I can even remember the difference between the old style and the current style. Like, they’ve always tasted amazing. You know what I like about McDonald’s fries? They’re not overly crispy. I do want a floppy one now and then in the carton, you know? As you can see, I have many feelings about McDonald’s fries. And Malcolm Gladwell is getting deep into his feelings about them too. (Cele|bitchy) 

What. The. F-CK, Emilia Clarke. WHAT THE F-CK?!? Am I … are you…. is that…did she… just say that Jorah is “the one” for Daenerys Targaryen? Or maybe it’s some reverse psychology bullsh-t to throw off the people who are shipping Daenerys and Jon Snow. Also not ideal, considering they’re related. But, seriously, if that’s what the actor who plays Daenerys thinks, then maybe Daenerys really should break bad and die. I would rather see her die, a terrible death, than see her end up with Jorah, OH MY GOD F-CK NO. (Pop Sugar) 

Everyone on late night had something to say about Charlottesville last night. (By the way, President Obama’s tweet this weekend is now the 2nd most liked tweet of all time. The first most liked tweet of all time does not belong to Donald Trump. How long before he starts bitching about this?) Including Jimmy Fallon. Finally Jimmy Fallon? As you know, Jimmy Fallon was widely criticised last fall for tousling Trump’s hair before the election. And since then, Colbert has overtaken him in the ratings. Is it too little too late for Jimmy Fallon? Or (Pajiba)

LZ Granderson wrote a great piece for The Undefeated yesterday about why he won’t be watching the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight. It’s not just a sh-t vs diarrhoea situation. It’s a diarrhoea vs diarrhoea situation. Justin Bieber, who is friends with Floyd, will definitely be there. He also has a prediction. (TMZ) 

Gucci is suing Forever 21 for stealing its trademark stripe. Will this be a precedent? Because fast fashion kinda borrows from high fashion all the time, non? Miranda Priestley gave us this lesson in The Devil Wears Prada. Yes, of course, “cerulean” is a colour, not a design feature. But everything you see any time you walk into Zara is pretty much the colour and cut of what was on the runway before. It’s not just fast fashion and high fashion either. It’s also upper-middle fashion and high fashion. Coach is starting to look a lot like Gucci these days but more moderately priced. (Which is why I’ve been obsessed with the clothes at Coach this year). Anyway, I was recently inside a Forever 21 because my 14 year old niece stayed with us last week. I’ve never seen so many crop tops in my life. (THR) 

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