Evangeline Lilly is Marvel’s other anti-vaxxer. Look, all the politics and opinions aside, vaccinations are a major part of going back to work “like normal” in the film industry. So, not only is Lilly probably vaccinated because she recently completed Ant-Man and the Wasp 2, but one wonders what the long-term career impact might be of advocating AGAINST the thing your bosses are counting on to keep the business going during literally the most stressful and challenging time in your industry. It’s one thing for people to be kind of kooky when it isn’t impacting anything else, but the vaccine stuff IS impacting the business. There is a LOT of ill will building around the people who are publicly fighting it, and we’re not even getting into the fan response. The fans, though, aren’t being quiet about their displeasure. (DListed)


John Leguizamo addressed colorism in both Latin culture and Hollywood, saying he stayed out of the sun in order to preserve a lighter complexion so he could continue to get movie roles. I’m not trying to get movie roles, but I’ve done the same thing, because life is easier with paler skin (a f-cked up thing to say, I know, I’m doing therapy about it). But there are less Pocahontas jokes, less invasive questions about “what am I” et cetera. The sun IS our enemy and is constantly trying to give us cancer, so SPF and sun protection is an important part of personal health, but damn, people should be able to go to the beach and get a holiday tan without worrying if they’re jeopardizing career opportunities. (Popsugar)

Get lost in the magical chemistry of Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman, who were Brange before the Brange (but were Pickfair after Pickfair). These two were so f-cking hot on screen. Watch The Long Hot Summer! (Go Fug Yourself)


Jeopardy champ Amy Schneider was finally dethroned. I caught a few of her episodes, and she was so low key and fun to watch because she just seemed to be having fun, not super competitive and enjoying being challenged by the other contestants. She wrote an essay about her Jeopardy experience, as both a lifelong Jeopardy fan and a trans woman who felt accepted by the Jeopardy community. It’s really moving. (Celebitchy)

This week’s true crime tale is about Pornhub CEO Feras Antoon’s Canadian mansion. This story has everything: porn, Quebecois, fire—arson???—and big ass real estate. (Vanity Fair)