Evangeline Lilly’s style has been jumping out at me lately. Because, of course, she’s promoting Ant-Man and the Wasp (she is SO GOOD in this movie) but also because there’s a new edge to her choices. The reason? Of course. Of course this is the reason. It’s Law Roach. She’s working with him now. This is the difference an exceptional stylist can make. The difference is immediate. Style becomes like energy. And there is so much energy in these two outfits.

First a blazer dress with a drop waist, double belts, and strong shoulders. It’s a badass outfit perfectly matched to her badass character. I would have taken it to the extreme, right on the nose, with a closed-toe pump and the hair pulled back into a severe ponytail or a topknot but these are relatively minor quibbles. And I’m still trying to catch my breath from the DENIM SUIT.

F-ck yes shit suit. 

Yes to the long jacket, the wide legs, the enormous cuff, the throwbacky quirky hairstyle, and the confidence with which she’s wearing it. This is not a safe outfit. A lot of people would not have been able to carry it. You need to believe you can carry it. She does. And did.