RENAISSANCE: A Film by Beyoncé opens this Friday. The concert film’s premiere was held over the weekend in Beverly Hills, drawing a lot of important Black artists and creative industry talent despite the long holiday weekend in the US. Such is the power Beyoncé—she becomes the holiday. This premiere reminded me of the premiere of Black Panther five years ago, how it became a celebration of so much more than just one movie, but of an entire class of creatives and a broader community’s achievement. The RENAISSANCE silver carpet is very much giving those vibes. 


The silver carpet—I guess, technically, a floor—featured the likes of Gabrielle Union, stepping out with Tia Mowry rather than Dwyane Wade, I’m not worrying; Tyler Perry; Beyoncé’s proteges Halle and Chloe Bailey; Lizzo, looking less sparkling than usual, perhaps because of her ongoing legal troubles; Lori Harvey; Lupita Nyong’o; Janelle Monae; Robin Thede; Laverne Cox; Jeremy Pope; Issa Rae; Lena Waithe; Normani; and Law Roach, who sported blonde hair, not unlike Queen Bey herself. We know he loves a Beyoncé tribute.


Of course, Beyoncé’s parents were also there, Mathew Knowles with his wife, Gena Avery Knowles; and Miss Tina with her grandson, Solange’s son Julez Smith, who is all grown up. Once again, celebrity babies growing up makes me feel the oldest. 


And the premiere became an unofficial Destiny’s Child remake, as Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams were there, as were former bandmates LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson. Farrah Franklin, who was only in the group for a few months in 2000, was not there, though. 


Honestly, Michelle Williams is my best dressed for the night. The drama of the gown, the one glove, her styling—it’s perfection. 


As for Beyoncé herself, she wore Versace and arrived late to her own premiere, did not stop for interviews or photos, and only released two official photos of herself at the event via her website and Donatella Versace’s Instagram: 


Honestly? Iconic. There was some bitching from the LA red carpet press contingent but like…it’s Beyoncé. When was the last time she answered a question for an interview? And do we REALLY expect her to pose at a photo wall for a million pictures when she can release two perfectly managed images that show only what she wants to show? Beyoncé does not operate on our schedule or by our rules, she operates on Beyoncé time and Beyoncé exclusivity. Beyoncé is exclusive. On her own night celebrating her own accomplishments, she is the most exclusive. It is the Beyoncé way.