Tit jokes aside, it’s pretty cool that Sydney Sweeney’s family is so proud of her. Everyone should be so lucky to have such supportive relatives. And her boobs ARE great and her grandma should be proud of her contribution to that gene pool. (DListed)


You has started filming season four in London. How has this show outlasted Santa Clarita Diet. HOW. (Popsugar)

Leslie Mann is promoting The Bubble, her new Netflix movie directed by Judd Apatow, her husband and collaborator. It’s awful, don’t bother. Someday, there will be great art made about the pandemic, but The Bubble is not it. Not even Pedro Pascal can save it. (Go Fug Yourself)

I’m not bent out of shape about Ashley Tisdale buying 400 books to stuff her (previously empty) bookshelf for her Architectural Digest Open Door video. A lot of stores sell “books by the yard” for just this purpose. The library I worked at in college used to sell duplicates and older versions of books that had been revised to a decorating company so they could use them to stuff shelves. It happens, whatever. I am a little…something…about having a totally empty bookshelf. Not everyone enjoys reading, that’s fine. But like, no photos? Or curios? There are other ways to fill that space! Anyway, if you’re looking for something to read, allow me to recommend Kingcastle by Sophia Holloway. It’s a Regency romance but it’s more Georgette Heyer, less Julia Quinn (i.e., more historically accurate, less sex scenes). It’s a fun, snappy read for your shelf. (Celebitchy)


You might remember the early 2010s controversy when America’s Next Top Model scrubbed Angelea Preston’s win from the first All Stars season. They DQ’d her after the fact because she briefly worked as an “escort”. Ms. Preston is now telling her story in full, and what she describes is straight up trafficking—though she does not ascribe to that term—and abuse. And apparently, people at ANTM knew she was in trouble and did nothing to help. But oh, when it was time to award her a life-changing CoverGirl contract, THEN they did something—they took it all away. Today, Ms. Preston is a journalism graduate working in local news in New York state, and she is writing a memoir. I hope she thrives, and I hope everyone affiliated with ANTM never lives this down. (Bustle)