A friend of mine texted me last night – are Angelina and The Weeknd really dating?! 

That’s the question, and nobody knows. They were out for dinner together a couple of weeks ago. This past weekend they were at a private show together, only 500 people or so were there, many of them celebrities, and as I posted on Monday, given that the artist, Mustafa the Poet, is from Toronto, it’s reasonable to assume that the connection for Angelina, who was there with daughters Zahara and Shiloh, would have been Abel


Obviously every entertainment outlet is all over this. Obviously everyone’s trying to make calls, find out what’s really going on. No one has been able to definitively say that they’re dating. No one has been able to definitively say they’re not dating. If anyone is leaning to one side, the hedge is to go with this being a friendship, nothing more. I’m not sure if anyone wants to believe that though. Because, yeah, this is the kind of random gossip, out of seemingly nowhere, that makes gossip surprising and fun. So maybe we shouldn’t want an answer all that soon? Sometimes not knowing and wondering is the best part of it. 

Here’s Angelina out yesterday shopping with Pax and Zahara.