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The Grammy Awards are happening on Sunday. It was previously announced that Mary J Blige, Bad Bunny, Lizzo, Harry Styles, Sam Smith, and Luke Combs would be among the performers. Trevor Noah is back as the host and he and producer Ben Winston are doing press to promote the show. The question everyone wants to know: is Beyoncé coming? Ben told The Hollywood Reporter that:

“Listen, we are not going to talk about specific talent on the call. I’m so sorry. I’d love to, but I think the relationships we have with talent is so delicate, of when everybody gets announced and who’s coming and whatever else that we just wouldn’t be able to say. What I will say is I feel really great about the show this year. It’s going to be the most star-studded room the Grammys has been for many, many years.”


When Entertainment Weekly asked “on a scale of one to 10, what is the likelihood of a Beyoncé performance?”, Ben’s response was, “Never answering that in a million years”. 

Understandable. No one wants to f-ck around when it comes to Beyoncé. That’s part of the deal. If you’re fortunate enough to get Beyoncé to show up, you will NOT tell anyone that Beyoncé will show up.

So… will Beyoncé show up? She is the most nominated artist (nine nominations) at the Grammys this year for Renaissance. If she wins four Grammys on Sunday she’ll break the record for the most Grammys of all time. But, as we all know, while Beyoncé does indeed have a lot of Grammys, only one of those is in a major category; she has never won Album of the Year or Record of the Year. The Grammys have done Beyoncé so dirty so many times, including in 2017 when her previous masterpiece, Lemonade, did not win Album of the Year and even Adele, the eventual winner, was like… um, Grammys, what’s wrong with you? 


That’s also why Ben Winston made sure to remind people during his interviews that he’s responsible for producing the show, but not for who actually gets the awards. Because, well, the potential for controversy is high. 

Beyond the actual awards though, what about the performance? The Grammys would certainly benefit from Beyoncé performing at their event, especially if she’s does a track off Renaissance, since we’ve yet to hear her perform any songs from that album live. Would she actually do them the honour though? I can’t see it. 

In other Beyoncé news/speculation – Black History Month begins tomorrow and many are expecting that Beyoncé will finally make her tour announcement at some point in February. The Hive has been waiting a long time for this. Every night will be like Christmas Eve for the next month until she eventually throws up the signal. 

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