People are once again worrying for Britney Spears…who is apparently okay on vacay. Maybe everyone really does need to leave Britney alone now, and also maybe stop assuming everything on Instagram is a secret code. She could just be bad at using the app! (DListed)


Gabrielle Union had a VERY good fashion year. (Go Fug Yourself)

Jeremy Clarkson wrote an unhinged op-ed about Meghan Markle following the Harry & Meghan docu-series (and a luncheon with Queen Camilla attended by members of the British media, including Clarkson). The Sun pulled the article down, but otherwise, zero repercussions! Yaaaay the system is maintained! (Celebitchy)

I love exploring subcultures, but Disney Adults is one area I leave alone. I just can’t have those conversations, I don’t have that kind of time. However, Disney Adult Cringe is premium cringe content, which is always fun to browse. I will say, though, that second photo of the cake is great. Whoever made that is talented! (OMG Blog)

Linette Lopez breaks down how Elon Musk’s typical (garbage) management style isn’t working for Twitter, which is basically the first competitive company he’s tried to run. Some excellent points here, but also…have we considered that he’s just not that smart? Maybe that’s the simplest explanation. (Business Insider)