I wanted to title this post “A Brie Larson Fall”, as in the time of year, but I didn’t want to imply that Brie Larson would be falling because the whole point here is that everything is coming up Brie this autumn as it was just announced this morning that her new Apple TV+ series Lessons in Chemistry will premiere on October 13 with two episodes and then an episode every week until it concludes on November 24. 


As already mentioned, I ripped through Bonnie Garmus’s book of the same name last spring and loved it so much. This is the story of Elizabeth Zott, scientist and TV show host, who teaches her audience about the chemistry of cooking, turning the kitchen into a lab, sharing the science that happens in her recipes, and showing children and their parents who are watching that science is for everyone – yes, even women. A teaser for the series was released last month. 



This looks very promising, Brie looks and sounds perfect as Elizabeth, and the dog! The dog in this book is one of my favourite literary dogs of all time. I can’t wait for you to meet him. And you will this fall, but Lessons in Chemistry isn’t the only Brie Larson project of the season. The Marvels, of course. 

Brie will return as Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, on November 10, so the timing for both the television series and the movie couldn’t be better. She’ll be promoting both at the same time and flexing her versality on the small and the big screen as a scientist and a superhero. As the kids say, Brie is coming. And I wonder, a few months from now, if “Children, set the table” will become part of our cultural vernacular.