About a month ago, Star Magazine reported that Mary Elizabeth Winstead broke up with Ewan McGregor because she didn’t want to be called a “homewrecker” anymore. The story went wide. As I noted at the time, however, it’s f-cking Star Magazine. They get one thing right all year. And, as it turns out, it’s not this. PEOPLE actually followed up with their own report shortly after with sources refuting the breakup claims, saying that Ewan and Mary were still together, no split. 

Ewan and Mary were seen holding hands on the set of her new film this week – Daily Mail has the exclusive photos. Clearly not broken up then. Which most likely means that he and his estranged wife Eve Mavrakis will move ahead with the divorce. When those breakup reports initially surfaced, Eve said that they’re not speaking and that whether or not the breakup rumours were true, she wouldn’t change her mind. We talk about acrimonious divorces a lot on The Social. People keep coming back to “get along for the kids’ sake”. And I get that, I do. That that should be the priority. But it also requires a lot from the person who’s betrayed. Like A LOT. When you “get along for the kids”, often most of the sacrifice comes from one person. Marriages run their course. But bitterness has to run its course too. I’m a bitter ass person. My bitterness would probably run longer than the actual marriage.