This is an excellent post by Emily at Dlisted about how Rachel Griffiths f-cked up on social media with her post about her manicure and her subsequent apology because it addresses the issue respectfully but also maintains the tone of the Dlisted brand with the bit at the end which I won’t spoil for you because you should go and read it. Right now, many publications are trying to calibrate how to respect Black Lives and be partners for change while also staying true to their own voice and in my opinion, this article does a great job at that. (Dlisted)


This whole thing made me laugh – the Reddit thread about what people say in movies and on television but that you never actually say in real life. It’s a lot. What killed me is answering the phone with “talk to me”. Never done it in my life. Never heard it in my life, in real life. I do, however, know someone who answers the phone, or answers on headset when we’re rolling, or any time you say his name, with “Go for Dylan” which, I know, on anyone else might seem super douchey but on him, it works, because for those of us who know him, he’s just that ridiculous. Sometimes, to be extra, I’ve ripped this off of him when I’m talking on headset and a person in the control room talks to me. Yeah, I’ll admit, I try to pretend like “Go for Lainey” is cool when it is, quite obviously, not. (Pajiba) 

I read this headline, saw the part about “Carey Mulligan’s worst” outfit and thought to myself… WHAT? How is that even possible? Then I looked and …yeah. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Angelina Jolie turned 45 years old yesterday. We haven’t heard much from Angelina the last few weeks but she’s released a statement in support of Black Lives Matter and condemning the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many others, and she’s also done more to back up her words. (Cele|bitchy) 

Christian Cooper, whose life was endangered when Amy Cooper (no relation) called the cops on him even though she was in the wrong, was in Central Park that morning because he was birdwatching, a hobby that takes place outdoors. And, as we know, while being outdoors is encouraged for being part of a healthy lifestyle, in an anti-Black racist world, being outdoors for Black people means accepting risk. That’s a f-cking ridiculous thing to say, but this is the reality. To honour Christian and celebrate Black birders, a group of scientists have started a new initiative. This is a beautiful read. (The Cut)