The last time we talked about Bradley Cooper’s love life it was rumoured that he was dating Huma Abedin after being set up by Anna Wintour. There was all kinds of buzz about them after the Met Gala with people speculating that they were there together, but that they just didn’t give up any photos. Since then it’s been all quiet; the two have never been seen together publicly. 


Over the last few weeks, however, it’s not about Huma anymore but Irina. People have been speculating for a while whether or not they’re back together. This only intensified after she posted this shot of herself sitting on him in a bear costume for Halloween:


And then earlier this week, the paps shot them out for a walk in New York – you can see the pictures at the Daily Mail – and at one point he has his arm around her so everyone’s taking this as confirmation that they are indeed a thing again? I don’t know that the embrace is all that conclusive. 

They’re raising a child together, they spend a lot of time together, they’re clearly close, and it’s not like they’re making out in these photos. So these images, on their own, don’t nail it for me. 

What does, however, strengthen what we’re seeing from Halloween and those pictures, is that they seem to be keeping the same social calendar. It’s one thing to be around your ex for activities related to your child. It’s another to be on the circuit together that has nothing to do with your kid. Halloween parties, industry parties, fashion parties. 

Both BCoop and Irina were at the CFDAs last night. But! Interestingly! So was Huma Abedin! 

Can we really say that any of this gossip is slamdunk then? All possibilities are still in the table!