Speaking of amicable splits – or acrimonious to amicable – Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis were seen smiling together and hugging this weekend in LA. According to TMZ, they’d just come from a meeting together, and obviously whatever the meeting was about, it looks like it went well. Perhaps they’re in therapy to repair their relationship after their split so they can coparent in the best interests of their two children. Maybe it was a custody negotiation that went smoothly – whatever the reason for the meeting, clearly they’re pleased with what went down and are moving on from what was a tumultuous year. 


In 2022, Olivia got served at work in Vegas; then there was all the mess around Don’t Worry Darling and the relentless toxicity that was directed at her over Harry Styles; and then of course their former nanny sold them out to the Daily Mail and shared all kinds of personal sh-t about their lives, like the story about the salad dressing. Ironically that seemed to be the catalyst for Olivia and Jason to get back on the same side as they both released a statement condemning the nanny and the Daily Mail for the story and, since then, they’ve shut down the drama. No doubt, the end of her romance with Harry might have helped with that. 

Some people are asking whether or not these shots were staged. I don’t know for sure, but I get why they might think that. It’s very possible they were staged to shut down once and for all any speculation that it’s still ugly behind the scenes. That said, Olivia is a frequent pap target anyway. They follow her from home to the gym all the time. So it’s possible that they followed her to this meeting and just managed to get a money shot of her and Jason together. Here’s Olivia coming from a workout the other day and seeming to give the paps the finger. Like, even if you’re of the belief that she stepped out on her relationship with Jason to be with Harry, or even if she’s not your favourite, given all the hits she took last year, we can move on now with the story right?