Halle Berry is currently promoting a movie called Kidnap, opening on August 4th. She plays a mother desperately chasing down the people who’ve kidnapped her son. The movie was shot almost three years ago but it got caught up in the Relativity drama and was only recently acquired for release. Kidnap is opening against Idris Elba in The Dark Tower and Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit. So… expectations are modest.

Expectations are much higher, however, for Kings, written and directed by Oscar nominated Deniz Gamze Erguven. It’s her first English language film and it’s about a foster family (Halle and 12 children) caught up in the aftermath of the LA riots after Rodney King beating. Also starring Daniel Craig. Kings was acquired in Cannes after a well-received sizzle reel was screened for buyers, resulting in some “heated bidding”. It was announced yesterday that the film will make its world premiere in Toronto at TIFF, which means the reportedly still-current James Bond and former Bond Girl Halle Berry will be in town to support it.

Two weeks after that, Halle’s got Kingsman: The Golden Circle, opening on September 21. She was just at Comic-Con to promote it. So, even if Kidnap doesn’t play, there’s some momentum building around Halle Berry again. Back in January, I Gossip Genied Halle with Brad Pitt. Come on. We’d all be into this, right?