I know Lainey refuses to talk about this trash but I’ve got the floor this afternoon so too bad…

Us is reporting that experts predict a slow decline for Jon and Kate. Apparently ratings have been falling steadily as is, and now that the clowns have announced that they’re going to split, producers will be hard pressed to figure out how to transition the show into something new that reaches a new audience.

"What they need to do is gather a whole new fan base…People who will watch it with their tongue in their cheek. People who like to watch someone they can mock."

Have people been watching for any other reason until now? Who is this new audience? I think it’s the same audience who is now tuning in to watch these two idiots turn their lives into an absolute train wreck. Yay TLC! Yay Jon and Kate!

I do feel sorry for those poor kids. Their ego-maniac mom is probably already planning a “Plan B” show if the thing fails so can continue to sell their souls.

Anyway, I hope this ends soon enough cause it’s amazing how much coverage this crap is getting. And yes, I’ve just added to it.

Here’s a screen cap of the Us weekly site as of 15 minutes ago. I don’t blame them cause the crap clearly sells, but just count the Jon and Kate headlines and shake your head. Amazing.


Posted by Jacek