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Two weeks ago, Tom Brady was the Most Divorced Man. Today, however, he is just An Extremely Divorced Man, as Elon Musk is currently holding the Most Divorced Man crown.


But Tom Brady still has Woes. Not that this is a call to pity Tom Brady—it is not. This is just a reminder that even though Elon Musk is currently being Most Divorced all over our timelines (however much longer those last), Tom Brady is still in the rankings. There is, for instance, the matter of his support for now-bankrupt crypto exchange FTX. Brady, along with his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen, did an ad for FTX last year:


They are now both named in a class action lawsuit following FTX’s implosion (here’s a handy guide on what happened. Basically, it was a Ponzi scheme). Citing precedents in cases against the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paul Pierce, the suit includes the celebrity spokespeople for FTX over anti-touting provisions in securities law, which I think means they didn’t publicly disclose how much they got paid to shill crypto to unsuspecting retail investors. The suit also accuses the celebrity spokespeople of not doing due diligence. 


Thanks to celebrity spokespeople, crypto went from the thing the weirdest guy you know wouldn’t shut up about to a mainstream concept, and a lot of the advertising made trading crypto seem no riskier than day trading traditional stocks (which is already high risk). It’s 100% fair to ask the celebs how much they got paid—and, perhaps more importantly, if they accepted payment in crypto or traditional currency. I don’t know if this suit has a real chance—lawyers of LaineyGossip, sound off—but at the very least, can someone ask Tom Brady who got the crypto in the divorce?

Hunter Harris's tweet 

In other Brady news, there is now a trailer for 80 For Brady, the 100% real, totally not a figment of our collective imagination movie starring Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Sally Field, Rita Moreno, and Guy Fieri. Once again, this is a completely real movie and not a fever dream. I think.


Yeah, so it looks terrible, and Tom Brady has the charm of a half-dried mop, but do you really want to bet against Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Morena, and Sally Field? Maybe it’s Book Club but with football? Or maybe it will be like Brady’s career: start strong, then overstay its welcome and keep playing as the audience leaves halfway through. Anyway, good luck with the lawsuit, Tom! 

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