Prince Andrew has been in the headlines the last couple of days because I guess there’s a campaign behind the scenes to rehabilitate him. Who’s asking for this is a mystery. Like are hard core royalists out there sitting around lamenting the absence of Andrew while they’re eating dinner off their Queen Elizabeth plates? 


The issue with Andrew, of course, is that he’s been accused of participating in Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking operation. While Andrew has denied any involvement, he did settle his case with Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s victims. She’s the one who’s pictured with Andrew’s arm around her at Ghislaine Maxwell’s London residence – we’ve all seen that photo. And Andrew’s defenders have always tried to discredit that photo even though there’s no evidence to suggest it’s fake. In fact just recently there’s analysis that supports that it is indeed legit

Now another photo is creating controversy. An actual fake photo. Virginia has claimed that Prince Andrew took her to the bathroom at Ghislaine Maxwell’s and that at some point they were in the tub. So some relative of Ghislaine’s has produced a photo of the tub, two random people are sitting in it, with photos of Andrew and Virginia taped to their heads. And a British newspaper decided to publish it. 


That’s the only question worth asking here. What in the ever loving F-CK?!

It can only be that this newspaper is hoping to lose any and all credibility because I can’t think of how someone could actually earnestly make the decision to do this. But it continues, non? The incessant attempts to exonerate Andrew – they’re futile, to be sure and yet they keep coming. To the point of foolery. And horror. 

Look at how they’ve positioned the person who’s supposed to be Andrew in this situation! Reclined in the tub with his legs spread open, and that photo pasted onto his face! They’re inviting us to picture the real Prince Andrew like this – spread eagle, balls out, dick up. 

While his alleged victim has her arms around her legs, seeming to make herself as small as possible, like she’s protecting herself from his genitalia on full splay in front of her!


Which only reinforces all the GROSSNESS of the situation…

WTFFFFFFF are you people thinking?! Why is this paper trying to traumatise British citizens?! 

At the same time, sure, carry on like this. It only buries him even deeper. Let’s see more facsimiles of Prince Andrew in a bathtub with his legs wide open, presenting himself to young women – I’m sure he’ll be released from PR prison in no time. 

Attached - Andrew riding his horse yesterday in Windsor.