If you haven’t watched this yet… please do. I am sitting in a hotel room CRYING over this video. Like the way Duana cries – with joy, always with joy! – now whenever Hugh Grant’s name comes up. This is it for me. This is the moment I fell in true love with Ryan Reynolds. I’ve have greatly enjoyed him in the past. But I LOVE him now. Like the premise itself is enough to make you pass out from delight. But the fact that he’s singing with his whole heart, and that he’s not actually a terrible singer even when the key changes (!!! I’m not saying give him a recording contract but he’s not breaking mirrors here, come on!!!) takes this over the top. I adore him. Also his expression at the end when he takes off his mask – he looks maybe a little nervous still, because of all that singing. I don’t think this is embarrassment at having participated on the show. I actually think it’s because he was really trying with those vocals! (Dlisted) 

I 100% agree with Mindy Kaling here about tiny sunglasses. If you need a celebrity reference, see Bella Hadid. She’s the one I associate most with them. And I hate them. I don’t hate her. I hate how they look on her. And if she can’t make them work, I’m sure as f-ck not trying. We are none of us Trinity. (Cele|bitchy) 

Holy sh-t this metallic purple leather jacket on Helen Mirren. Holy f-cking sh-t. She’s wearing it trench length but I’m going to need it in all lengths and styles. Imagine it as a moto? YES. And a bomber? F-ck yes. It would work as a rain slicker too. And a puffy coat. All of it. (Pop Sugar) 

This is a spectacular photo of Lupita Nyong’o. First of all, that’s a great colour on her. And it’s not a colour I like on a lot of people. Second, I’m pretty sure she was working without a wind machine here. And it’s an accomplishment without a wind machine. Third, how do you deny someone who’s having this much fun? (Pajiba) 

I don’t have any dance moves. When we go dancing, I do my thing, which requires zero coordination. Sometimes I wonder if it would have helped if I had started dance classes as a child but then I remember I did years of ballet so it has nothing to do with proper lessons. It always amazes me when I watch videos of dance auditions and the dancers figure out the routines after seeing it done once. How is this possible? That said, I can read a mahjong table in about 5 seconds. Is that the same? Anyway, Ciara and Future’s kid clearly doesn’t have a problem with choreography. Or with keeping his hat on. Another mystery. I also can never keep a hat on. (TMZ) 

A discussion about fascinators. And what the difference is between a “chic” one and an “absurd” one. OK, sure. Mayyyyyybe Princess Beatrice’s was absurd. But… again… are you mad? Why are you mad? Let there be absurd on Sunday. Lord knows we need some of that kind of absurd instead of what we’ve been getting so far. (Slate)