The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree went viral because it looks like a really bummed-out tree. Think about how Mariah Carey would react to this tree. BLEAK! is what she’d say. And she’d insist on it become more festive. How would our Christmas butterfly improve this tree? Would she declare it beyond improvement? Or could she save it? Only she could. (Dlisted) 


Fan Bingbing wore a gown last night in Shanghai that is meant to be seen as weird – and it is weird. It’s a dual personality gown, part Maleficent part Snow White … or Sleeping Beauty, I guess. Or, maybe, Captain American and Winter Soldier?! Should I be proud of myself for that one or is it a groan? My issue with Bingbing isn’t the dress, it’s her makeup. Maybe the lighting there was sh-t but I hate the eye shadow colour and how it tries to complement the lip colour. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Prince Harry volunteered with the Walker Family Events Foundation in Compton, California to help out military families and veterans. And somehow the Daily Mail found a way to taint this good deed by publishing the story with the headline “Harry in the Hood”. I guess to mark the anniversary of the time they called Meghan Markle “Straight Outta Compton”? If your response to this is anything other than “the British tabloids continue to be racist AF and f-ck them”, you may need to talk to yourself about yourself. (Cele|bitchy) 

Have you watched The Queen’s Gambit yet? Jacek and I got into it a couple of weeks ago and were hooked. Then he looked up the chess and apparently it’s legit – like there was some grand master who studies the moves and the gameplay and he said it’s solid chessing but the only unrealistic part is the stare-downs, LOL. I can see why they had to fictionalise that. Anyway, Anya Taylor-Joy, who is spectacular in the series, talked to Seth Meyers about shooting the chess scenes and whether or not she understood them. (OMG Blog) 

Have I mentioned that I love gambling? I come from a line of female gamblers. My maternal grandmother ran a mahjong den. The joke in my family is that my ma gave birth to me on the mahjong table. I think I knew how to gamble before I learned how to read. I am more comfortable in a casino than I am anywhere else other than my bed, maybe. So, obviously, The Ringer’s new podcast series about famed gamblers is my whole sh-t. (The Ringer)