As Lainey mentioned in her post about Taylor Swift, yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of the day One Direction was formed. TEN YEARS! A WHOLE DECADE AGO!

As we’ve seen the last couple of years and especially now, nostalgia isn’t a trend anymore, it’s a state of being, partly because there have been a lot of anniversaries popping up, but also because I think we’re all yearning for a time when things seemed better (operative word: “seemed” – the truth is it has never been “better” for many people and those who long for “better” are confronting now that that was a privilege).


To honour the 1D event, fans have been sharing old memories, song lyrics, and photos. Honestly, it’s got me feeling a little nostalgic myself. Just try listening to “What Makes You Beautiful” and tell me you don’t astral-project into the year 2012. Remember when we all thought the world was gonna end then? LOL.

One Direction’s official social accounts have been pumping out the content as well. You can get a list of everything courtesy of Buzzfeed, but as you already saw yesterday, the boys tweeted about it and there have been some Instagram posts of photos from the early days. They basically look like babies. 


The group is also releasing videos, including a 10 year tribute, over the next few days. (The 10 year video has been out for 14 hours and has almost 8 million views.) If that wasn’t enough, there’s also an ENTIRE DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK dedicated to the anniversary.

The site features video and audio clips, photos, writings, and even the option to create your own 1D customized playlist. It’s also interactive, and you can drag things around and click on them. It’s organized by 1D eras, going from X-Factor all the way to their hiatus – an impressive project, and clearly one they’ve been working on for a long time.

Of note, the website also includes tons of photos of Zayn, as well as a profile as part of the band member spotlights. I mention this because as of writing this, Zayn has yet to participate in the festivities (which Cody predicted). It’s totally his right to do so or not, but I wonder how he must feel right now, or at least yesterday when social media was popping with 1D memories. It is kind of a deafening silence. 

But let’s talk about that envelope. Since the site is interactive, there are hidden Easter eggs all over the place, including never before seen photos. Once I figured that out, I was frantically clicking and dragging everything on the site. In one instance, you can click an envelope labeled “Archived. Special Issue. Closed until 2020” and reveal a set of photos. Fun right? Except, there’s another envelope right at the end that you CAN’T open, and obviously, theories are already bubbling up about what this means…


This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about a potential reunion on the site, and rumours have been swirling about one recently. But that’s not necessarily proof that there’s a reunion coming. We could be celebrating One Direction’s 80th anniversary and still be like, “omg will Zayn and the boys zap together into our mindchips” or whatever f-cked up technology we have at that point.

I acknowledge that it’s equally possible that someone messed up the javascript on the site. That is until you see the Tweet that 1D posted about the scrapbook: 

That’s some loaded wording. Which means One Direction is teasing. And they know they’re teasing. So the question is, are they just having a laugh and playing around, or is this all actually building up to something?

In honour of their 10th anniversary, let’s rewatch the boys’ X-Factor auditions. They literally play Justin Bieber’s “Baby” during Niall’s pre-audition interview. God I miss 2010.