Dear Gossips,

As mentioned yesterday in What Else?, Game Of Thrones is so popular that some people even put off their porn last Sunday to watch the season premiere. GoT will no doubt be the main television event this Sunday too. But… what about after? After episode 2, it’s the season 2 premiere of Insecure. And if you were a fan of the show last season, you won’t be disappointed. I don’t want to say that the second season is stronger because you can’t really compare them but now that we’ve gotten to know Issa and Molly, the show can really move into its groove.

What’s so impressive about Insecure’s second season groove is how confident it feels. Which, of course, is a beautiful irony because the show is about two women who are not-so-confidently trying to figure out their sh-t. There’s Issa again, working through who she is vs who she wants to be in front of the mirror. There’s Molly again, making every mistake she can because, for her, it’s better to be wrong than to be lonely. And there they both are, learning from and teaching one another, while also pushing and pulling from each other too. Friendship is a relationship. And this friendship is both uplifting and messy, demanding all the commitment and patience that’s required of a romance. While those may not be original ideas, especially not on TV, the reason Insecure is so fresh of course is because we don’t get to see these particular women observed in this particular way. Hollywood gets a lot wrong. And it forgets a lot of people. But, once in a while, Hollywood makes a good decision. Insecure is a very, very good decision.

Insecure season 2 premieres on HBO and HBO Canada on Sunday at 10:30pm.

Here’s Issa at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert earlier this week. She looks amazing.

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