It’s been just over a month since we last saw Timothy Olyphant. Two sightings in less than two months! Olyphantians, we are FEASTING! This is Olyphant on the set of Full Circle in New York City. It’s a miniseries from Steven Soderbergh and Ed Solomon (one of the writers behind Bill & Ted). It’s about a “botched kidnapping” and how that affects a bunch of people. Kind of sounds like the first season of Perry Mason, but maybe I’m still wary of kidnapping stories since that one let me down. But besides the fact that I will watch almost anything with Timothy Olyphant in it (sorry, Amsterdam), I am always interested in what Steven Soderbergh is doing. He is one of the few American filmmakers who is constantly evolving and experimenting and doing something just for the hell of it. 


Do not let my singular focus on Olyphant fool you, though, Full Circle is an ensemble show. Besides Olyphant, it stars Claire Danes, Zazie Beetz, CCH Pounder, Dennis Quaid, Jim Gaffigan, and Emmy Winner Jharrel Jerome. As much as I would like to say this is the Timothy Olyphant show, it’s not. He is one of many on this one. But that’s fine, because this got him standing outside where we can see him. I’m down to like two unproblematic faves left, Timothy Olyphant and Keanu. I will take every opportunity to enjoy a wild Olyphant when he appears.