Gabriela – I heard about what happened at work from Angie and that is some f-cksh-t, obviously, and I’m sorry that, once again, you and your colleagues, and so many women out there, continue to be disappointed by people in leadership. Change is slow, frustratingly slow. But at the risk of sounding too Mary Sunshine, we’re talking now and we’re learning to identify who and what the real problems are. And I have to believe that eventually we are getting somewhere in solidarity. In the meantime, because it’s hard having to keep pushing, and we all need distractions, breaks to recharge. And heroes to look up to. By request, here are Rita Moreno and Eva Longoria and Rigoberta Menchu and AOC. I look forward to the day you message me and tell me about your wins. I know this will happen because, through it all, you persist.