Selene! Rachel is missing you and says you’re the Dr Mindy Lahiri to her Morgan, but you’re even better dressed! More importantly though, working with you made her better – because you’re a physician who sees the potential in people which makes you a workplace leader. Rachel wants you to know how much she appreciates you showing your work so that she can show hers. 

Ampy - Happy Birthday! Thanks for your thoughts on Taehyung being everyone’s “bias wrecker”. I get that but I just want to declare, so that there’s no misunderstanding, that JK will always be my #1 forever and ever. I’m thinking about writing an essay about this. Anyway, sorry, how did this become about me? It’s your birthday and for your birthday you want photos of the love of your life, Jimin. 

And for Tawny – Happy Birthday from Emi. By request, here are photos of Brad Pitt and a message: Angelina Jolie is fine, she has her people, don’t worry. She’s not bothered. Have a great birthday weekend!