Valentine’s Day is next Thursday and it’s not too late to send your CandyGram. The CandyGram Campaign supports A Loving Spoonful which helps those suffering from HIV and other chronic illnesses in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. Their meal programs feed approximately 100,000 individuals and families, some of the most vulnerable in the community. Every CandyGram provides two or more meals to someone in need. Your small gift of love to someone in your life is a big deal to those who need love more than ever. For more information and to participate, please visit  

I’m sending love today to Dianne because it’s time for Kreacher to go. You’re right when you say you see them again. For us, Marcus came back in our orchid. Some people out there might think this is crazy but seeing those stems grow affirmed for us that we did the right thing. He didn’t deserve to live half or less of a life, and neither does she. She lived a whole ass big life with you. It was glorious. It was enough. And since you’re the one who knows and loves her best, this is the right thing. This is why trust us: to do right by them the way they do right by us. That’s the essence of a true relationship. Take care of your heart, because I know it hurts. When you’re ready though, remember that no one else was more worth it.