This is such a pretty dress on Felicity Jones and it totally looks like what you think it is, which is Erdem. A classic Erdem design with the florals and the femininity but keeping it fresh because I typically don’t think of black and white when I think of Erdem but this is the perfect combination for the look. And, of course, the most distinctive feature, at least for me: that beautiful high collar. It’s nice to see Felicity on a carpet again because it’s been a while. (Go Fug Yourself)


When I first heard that Crocs and Taco Bell had collaborated on a shoe, my first thought was… for f-ck’s sake, yet another Crocs collaboration and HOWWWWWW are these shoes still so trendy because, as I mentioned recently, I am not f-cking with Crocs and I will never, don’t care how comfortable they are – and believe me, I need comfort, I have plantar fasciitis. That said, I still had to go see what this shoe looks like. And… that’s it?! That’s as much creativity as they could come up with?! (DListed)

HBO’s The Idol is being compared, by some, to Showgirls and defenders of Showgirls are here to say don’t you dare disrespect it like that. (Pajiba)

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are expecting a child together and this is wonderful news but two things can be true: it’s lovely that this is happening for them especially considering all the troubles they were having, but also… this “surprise” is a bust. Like I get that she was recreating a video but then him pretending to not know? How could he not know, seriously? (Cele|bitchy)

Food is such an important part of culture and there is so much history embedded into what we eat. Today is Juneteenth in the United States and this is a piece about the food traditions of Juneteenth through a Houston lens. (Eater)