Joaquin Phoenix’s face – if you can call it that – is featured on the poster for I’m Still Here just released today and Casey Affleck’s name also gets listed on the bottom. He directed it but the way it appears here it’s like an acting credit. They’re calling it a mockumentary. Or asshole performance art. Or whatever you’d label two Oscar nominated actors filming one another mistreating assistants, using cocaine, and getting shat on. Literally.

As for Casey – another twist in the sexual harassment story: two female production members (a producer and an editor) on the film have stepped forward to vouch for his character, insisting that the accusations brought forward by the two other broads involved in the project are baseless. Affleck’s ferocious lawyer Marty Singer also claims he will countersue both complainants revealing that the alleged victims presented their cases to the media before actually filing them in court. Messy. And weird.

Amanda White, the first woman who filed, actually worked on Affleck projects well before this, including Good Will Hunting as an assistant, Reindeer Games starring Casey’s brother Ben, and now I’m Still Here. So there’s a bit of a history. And now it’s exploded in ugliness. With Joaquin Phoenix right in the middle. And there’s a movie to promote.

I’m Still Here opens on September 10th which means press obligations aren’t too far away. How does this go down? Will Summer Phoenix comes to the premiere? How are Casey and Joaquin with each other now? Joaquin was not named in the lawsuits, Casey appears to have allegedly acted alone. So was this revelatory for Joaquin? Or was he an enabler? Aiding and abetting the perversions of the man who married his sister? It’s f-cked.

Ben Stiller mocks Joaquin Phoenix during Oscars 2009
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