Dear Gossips,

Entertainment Weekly published an exclusive oral history of The Devil Wears Prada this week ahead of the 15th anniversary of the release of the film on June 22. Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt, Stanley Tucci, Adrian Grenier, Gisele Bundchen, and more all participate in the feature. It’s a good read and of course it makes sense that it’s being celebrated because of the movie’s place in pop culture. 


There is another movie that came out exactly 15 years ago today, though, that may not be The Devil Wears Prada in terms of iconic status but that I want to remember now because, well, it gave us this moment – and I say this only with love: 


I mean, isn’t that iconic too? This cinematic sneeze has its own place on the internet and, like Keanu, it is regarded by many with affection and warmth because of the range of wonderful that Keanu Reeves has given us over the years. As our appreciation for Keanu has grown, more and more we treasure all the delightfully quirky choices he has made, and consider them not with derision but with fondness. These are the movie moments that make Keanu Keanu, that make him singular. Keanu can show up in a trench coat and shades and beat the sh-t out of an army of clones. He can be a stoner who speaks at the speed of sloth. He can be an assassin who goes nuclear over a puppy. And he can be that guy who… can’t quite convince you when he sneezes. He’ll do it all and we’ll take all of it, no exceptions. Like, would you want The Lake House to be erased from Keanu’s resumé? F-ck no! 


It should remain there. Also? Here’s the thing about The Lake House. It was hyped as a reunion for Sandra Bullock and Keanu. And may not have been all that well-received back then. But I paid for a ticket, went to see it in theatres with my friend Darren, and sure, we may have giggled a few times when we weren’t supposed to…but I still went home feeling pretty great, and watching the trailer just now kinda got to me, and I think I might stream it this weekend just for kicks. Happy Anniversary to The Lake House. And happy every day is to be grateful for Keanu day. 


Yours in gossip,