Every day there’s something to fight about. Today we are fighting about burgers and pancakes. I understand the concern – words are words but they should mean what they mean. That said… are we missing the point? There’s a burger with a pancake in between the patties and THIS SOUNDS DELICIOUS I WANT TO TRY IT. Just me? (Dlisted) 

From fights to happy thoughts – here’s mine: I’m trying to imagine how Duana would react if she was a student at this high school, if she went back in time and was one of the performers up on that stage (she totally would be) and Lin-Manuel Miranda showed up. F-ck it, even if she were the high school theatre teacher. She’d freak out so hard she’d embarrass her students, LOLOLOLOL. (Cele|bitchy) 

Here’s what Emily Ratajkowski wore to the CFDAs. It’s… flat. Like literally. The outfit feels like a flower that has passed its bloom. And I don’t think the flap around the pants is working here. A pants flap can work, no doubt. But this is the wrong look for it. Two competing vibes are happening. (Go Fug Yourself) 

We’re not done fighting yet! This is a super fun argument though. Who is the best Spice Girl? Thing is – does the answer to this question change with age? When they first broke out, my favourite Spice alternated between Baby and Scary. Now I’m a Sporty and Ginger Girl. With Posh as the constant. (Pajiba) 

Shaquille O’Neal is recognising Drake’s trollery for what is it: WORK! It takes work to be that much of a nuisance! (TMZ) 

Here’s what Stephen Colbert had to say about Donald Trump’s “international catfight” with Meghan Markle. But bonus points for calling it an “international catfight”. I enjoy this branding. (Vanity Fair)