The first teaser for Bridgerton season two arrived on Valentine’s Day, and it is all about the return of Lady Whistledown. The queen, the ton, the Bridgertons, everyone is reading Lady W. And now that we know Penelope is the authoress, we actually get to see her at work, her quill sharp and her wit ready. What will this season bring? Well, lots of Anthony and Kate, as the eldest Bridgerton steps to the fore this season, and his heroine, Kate Sharma, arrives in London. Or should I say heroines? Because the teaser also shows off Kate’s little sister, Edwina, the object of Anthony’s, er, affections. 


It's only a minute long, but this is the Bridgerton we’ve come to know and love. It’s sunny, it’s colorful, it’s a little bit fanciful, everyone is beautiful. Jonathan Bailey looks like such a f-cking asshole, tipping his hat to Kate with that smug ass look on his face—PERFECT. Simone Ashley is beautiful as Kate, but more, she has that practical gleam in her eye—Kate is nobody’s fool (least of all Anthony’s). And as Edwina, Charithra Chandran is as lovely and sweet as you could want. The casting remains SPECTACULAR. 

As for the teaser, it’s brief and not very revelatory, but Anthony is LOOKING and Kate is BOTHERED and that is what season two is all about. It’s enemies-to-lovers, it’s unresolved sexual tension, it’s LONGING and LOOKS and flirting by way of insane, constant competition. I love that the emphasis on everything we’ve seen so far is Kate and Anthony just poking at each other until one of them is irritated. Their love language is annoyance, it’s perfect. Also, it seems that Kate wears an awful lot of blue, in general, but may I draw your attention to her gown in the ball scene? We saw a clip of this scene during Netflix’s Tudum event, and Kate is wearing classic Bridgerton blue. Based on the conversation in the Tudum clip, I think this is the first time Kate and Anthony meet, and she’s already wearing his house color. I just love how this show uses color to communicate, and I cannot wait to see what all of Kate’s jewel tone blues have to say about her tempestuous relationship with Anthony. Also, don’t think I didn’t see it. At the forty-five second mark. Newton!